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Estate Planning

Wills, Trust,

Power of Attorney, Tax

Couples expecting a child, change of assets within your lifetime, or just needing to update your existing will. Fidelis wants to get everyone on the same page and honoring your wishes is essential when the time comes.


We can draft your will in the simplest of terms so you and your family understand how your belongings will be disposed of and why these are your wishes. 

If you want to establish a trust that will maintain your livelihood as you get older, for the support of your loved ones, or for the support of your animal.


Let Fidelis help you and your family safeguard your future. 

There may be a moment in your life where you are unable to communicate your wishes. Whether that is for medical purposes or financial decisions. ​

Durable Power-of-Attorney and Medical Power-of-Attorney forms will allow you and a loved one you trust to be on the same page when certain scenarios occur. A simple form that can make a dire situation easy. 

When a Will or a Trust is established, there are inevitably tax consequences for different situations

Fidelis can help your estate understand each tax scenario and how your assets will be best handled to get the most out of your estate plan. ​​​

Contracts & Business

Business Info,

Contracts, Taxes

At Fidelis, we believe one of the greatest freedoms any citizen can have is to be their own boss. To feel and see the benefits of your hard work.

If you have a dream to start your own business, we can help you achieve that dream by establishing your LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, or Sole Proprietorship

So you've taken the first steps of starting a business. The next step is to have solid contracts written between your company and other entities. 

A well-written contract can safeguard your company from inequitable obligations, vague terms, or a loss of monetary dues you rightfully should be owed. Fidelis can help you and your company see the benefits you deserve. 

As a business, there are certain deductions and tax write-offs you are privileged to take advantage of when tax season arrives. 

Fidelis can help you with those depreciable assets, tax write-offs, and deductions to start your new fiscal year off strong. 


Fidelis can provide legal assistance with your criminal charges regarding:

  • Operating while intoxicated

  • Drug-related charges

  • Misdemeanor charges

  • Gun charges

  • Larceny

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